Sunday, February 24, 2008

More TOC

My grandma was wondering where my picture with the champ was, levi, so here is the best picture I got asking him to have his autograph

Half of Scott Nydam, the KOM!

Standing with Thomas Voeckler - (In 2004 he held onto yellow for 10 days in the Tour, very impressive riding and probably the best part of it was watching him suffer like no other to hold onto the jersey, a rider that I have always respected)

Fast Freddie, he has been an awesome leadout man for years in the pro peleton, better yet he is an awesome guy who has been willing to help juniors and be a part of the Team Swift ride with champions multiple times, a great guy, im not so sure about the move to rock racing, but he is a very respectable rider and hopefully he is ok after a couple of falls in the TOC

My dad and I with Jens Voight ("life is good" - Jens) or "im in the first line, im gonna get goiiinnnggg" - hes a funny dude and awesome racer, just had his 5th kid in fact

My dad and I with Steve Cozza, sportin his stache, that thing needs to go

Floyd Landis and I, my controversial pic of the night I suppose

Tommy D. signing our poster

My dad and I with Ekimov - He has finished 15 TDF's....Impressive!

Dave Towle and I, the great anouncer

My dad and I with the Specialized Angel


Sean Bruce said...

Tyler...again...nice photos for the scrap book. I will have to take this moment to poke at your dad. What's up with the tux? MC'ing for the event? Say hi to him by the way.

Sean (your dads moto driver)

Tyler Brandt said...

well he was not MC'ing, but I guess you havn't heard he is teacher by day, mechanic by weekend and James Bond by Night. And I will have to take this moment to poke fun at you ~ Sean (my dads moto driver)- seems to me that your obsessed with the fact that your a moto driver as you add that in every chance that you
thanks for reading!

Sean Bruce said...

Touche' my friend!!! Touche'!
Keep up the good work on your riding. Great to see the progress.

Anonymous said...

hey tyler great pics. plus wen i saw steve again i almost didnt recognize him caue of his stache. it has got to go